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Village Spa Pools: Providing the Best Service in Miami from West Kendall to Palmetto Bay

Having a swimming pool can definitely be a dream come true. A pool gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the get-togethers and parties with your friends and families. For Miami and West Kendall pool owners, don’t let your pool concerns spoil the fun. Having a pool maintenance expert like Village Spa & Pools on your side will ease your mind and take care of all your pool related problems and needs. Whether it is for residential or commercial pools, your friendly neighborhood swimming pool experts from Village Spa & Pools are the perfect one for the job.

Your Neighborhood Pool Professionals since 1982

Pool Service Professionals

Village Spa & Pools has years of experience in providing swimming pool services in and around Miami. We have been in the industry for over 40 years and counting. You can trust that our team is experienced and knowledgeable to handle your pool concerns and exceed your expected results.

From repairs and installations up to pool supply deliveries, here are just some of the professional services that you can expect from us:

  • Residential & Commercial Pool Service
  • Pool Supply Delivery
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Equipment Installations & Repairs
  • Resurfacing and Renovation


Residential Pool Service

Miami Residential Pool

Keeping your pool in tip-top shape can bring headaches if you don’t have the time and proper knowledge on how to do it. Fortunately, Miami and West Kendall residential pool owners can consult with our pool experts here in Village Spa & Pools to do the job. Leave it to us and we’ll take care of your pool for you.

We offer convenient pool cleaning plans that will suit your needs. Our services include testing and balancing chemicals, clearing of all dirt and debris, filter cleaning and backwashing, pool equipment monitoring, and more!

Commercial Pool Service

Miami Commercial Pool

Village Spa & Pools is one of the top pool repair and pool cleaning services for apartment complexes, homeowners associations, and hotels across Miami and Kendall, FL. We are confident that our professional services will leave your guests, clients, and tenants pleased with the results.

Commercial pool reflects your business and influences your guests’ opinions, so it is important to have a pool cleaning service that you can really trust and Village Spa Pools is the one that you can count on that. We offer a number of pool cleaning services to meet your needs, including:

  • Cleaning filters (monthly)
  • Maintaining Department of Health documents
  • Cleaning perimeter gutters and tiles
  • Emptying baskets
  • Surface skimming for debris
  • Brushing walls and floors
  • Filling chemical containers
  • Testing and balancing chlorine and pH
  • Vacuuming pool
  • Inspecting pool equipment

If you are looking for a reliable commercial pool service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Pool Supply Delivery

Pool Supplies and Chemicals

Village Spa & Pools don’t just provide professional services, but also acts as a source of your quality pool chemicals and supplies. If you are a pool owner that does your own weekly pool cleaning, we are happy to tell you that we have a variety of pool products that you can purchase on our website. And not only that, we also provide free delivery in and around the West Kendall area, and free delivery for all orders over $40.

Going to the pool store every week and lugging heavy and corrosive chlorine jugs in and out of your car is a struggle for pool owners that we understand. Don’t let this stress you out and let the professionals at Village Spa & Pools do the work for you.

Pool Leak Detection

Detecting Leak from the Pool

As a pool owner, pool leak is something you need to watch out for. If you find yourself constantly refilling your pool, chances are it has a leak that needs fixing ASAP.

Village Spa & Pools has a pool leak detection service that can locate and identify your leak quickly and accurately. We understand the urgency and the service required to fix the problem. While some issues can be fixed on the spot, some may need additional resources to properly complete the work. Take your time to talk to our pool experts if you are having a leak problem with your swimming pool.

Equipment Installations & Repairs

Pool equipment installations and repair

With full knowledge of all the services we provide, and our years of industry experience, Village Spa & Pools has the confidence to get the job done right. We provide the best and the most cost-effective way to repair the existing part of your pool or install the necessary components to get your pool back into action.

Village Spa & Pools can repair, install new, or upgrade your filter, pool pumps, heater, lighting, salt system, and automatic pool cleaners.

Resurfacing and Renovation

Pool Resurfacing and Renovation

When considering a pool renovation project, it is important to keep in mind that choosing the right resurfacing material will be an important decision. If you can’t decide which interior finish is the perfect choice for your pool, our renovation experts can help you out. Never before has there been so many options to improve the look and efficiency of your existing swimming pool.

Whether you are looking for a completely new design, a few new upgrades, or wanted a diamond brite resurfacing for a beautiful interior surface, give us a call. Village Spa & Pools, along with our experienced team of professionals, will guide you throughout the process and offer you a trusted expert advice.

When it comes to finding a pool service provider, it is important to choose a company with licensed and insured pool professionals like us. We pride ourselves in providing prompt and professional service so our customers can have the confidence knowing that their pool is in proper hands. Village Spa & Pools is committed to give the best pool maintenance throughout Miami. Follow us on our social media channels (FB & IG) and give us a call today!



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