Pool Remodeling and Renovation

Pool Renovation: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Are you planning to have your swimming pool renovated? If your pool became dull, faded, and unwelcoming for swimmers, maybe it is really time for a renovation.

Renovation can help upgrade your existing swimming pool and add new features giving it a new life. Never before has there been so many options to improve the look and efficiency of your existing swimming pool. Whether it is adding new tiles, LED lighting, filter system upgrades and doing a complete pool remodeling, there are plenty of opportunities you can explore in pool renovation. But what are the things you should know when renovating your pool? Fortunately for you, Village Spa & Pools has created a list for you to consider and understand it better before diving into renovating your backyard oasis!

1. Difference Between Pool Renovation and Pool Repairing

Pool repair and renovation

First let’s start with the basics. As a pool owner, it is important to understand that pool renovation is different from pool repairing.

Swimming pool remodeling and pool renovation are synonymous and can be anything from completely remodeling your pool or spa area to just simply upgrading or adding new features for a better look. In other words, it is all about giving your pool an entirely new makeover .

On the other hand, repairing your pool is more focused on performing maintenance and repairing tasks for a specific part of your pool.

2. Best Time for a Pool Renovation

Time for renovation

If you are planning to have your pool renovated, one thing to consider is when are you planning to have it done. Timing can be a little tricky since pool renovations could last from a few weeks to a few months depending on the extent of the project.

Many pool owners in Miami aim to complete their project before summer, allowing them for more time to enjoy their new pool. With this in mind, the ideal months for a pool renovation are the fall and winter months. This is an excellent choice given that there is less pool usage and there is much less chance of annoying rain delays. If you haven’t talked to a pool expert today, give Village Spa & Pools a call and have your pool ready to enjoy by the time summer rolls back around.

3. Reason for Your Pool Renovation

Pool repair

Pool renovation is a big decision. It requires proper planning and budgeting. Before you decide to have your pool renovated, be sure that you have already made up your mind to avoid any second thoughts and regret.

There are many reasons why pool owners wanted their pool remodeled and renovated. Perhaps there are some features in need of a little update, or maybe there are new ones you want to add. Some owners are focusing the renovation on their pool structure, designs, and systems that may begin to wear down as time goes by. Either way, here are some reasons why pool owners are investing to pool renovation:

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is one of the most common reasons why many people are considering to have their pool renovated. A newly resurfaced swimming pool can improve the overall appearance of your pool and provide additional protection. The average time between pool resurfacing with Diamond Brite is 10 to 14 years.

Enhance Pool Safety

Renovating the pool area greatly improve the safety of the swimmers and the people who are strolling around it. Adding safety features like ladders, railings, pool covers, pool alarms or baby fences are common additions to give to your pool area .

Improve Aesthetic

Improving pool’s aeshethic is an investment worth every penny. Nothing beats relaxing on an aesthetically appealing pool. This can be done by adding new tiles, LED lighting and water features.

Maintenance, Repairs, And Upgrades

Swimming pools can get older and the materials will worn-out over time. Having the pool remodeled or renovated can help owners increase its lifespan, improve energy efficiency and overall functionality. These days, to save on energy costs many pool owners are upgrading to a variable-speed pump. Over time you many need to upgrade or replace other parts of your pool equipment such as a new filter, salt-chlorination system, heat pump or valves.

4. Hire a Professional and Experienced Team

Pool Service Professionals

Pool renovation is a big investment and it takes a lot of skills and experience to have it done right. While doing some small remodeling or renovating tasks by yourself may seem possible, it still recommended to hire a professional team to handle significant changes to your backyard oasis.

Our team here in Village Spa & Pools has the skills, experience, and knowledge to help you renovate your swimming pool and give it a new look! Call (305) 386-4831 today to learn more and set a meeting with our team. Also feel free to follow us on our social media channels (FB & IG) to stay updated with our offers and services.




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