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5 Money Saving Tips to Keep in Mind for Pool Owners

Who doesn’t want to swim and relax in their own pool? Having a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard is a great investment that can bring tons of fun and happy memories for your friends and family. However, in this environment of inflation, it is necessary to save as much as we can.

There is no other way to say it, but swimming pools and their required maintenance can be expensive. The cost can vary tremendously depending on its size, materials, features, and design. That being said, here are some money-saving pool tips that will help you enjoy your own backyard oasis without breaking your budget.

1. Protect Your Equipment from Damages with a Regular Maintenance Routine

Swimming pool chemicals and equipment

Keeping a close eye on your pool equipment is a great way to minimize expensive repairs. Some tasks that should be done on a regular basis include: keeping your baskets clear of heavy debris, keeping proper water chemistry, brushing the surface of your pool, removing debris from the inside of the pool, and keeping your filter clean.

Proper filtration is very important for the health of your pool and pool equipment. Periodic filter cleaning and backwashing will protect your pool pump from overworking and burning out. Just like an A/C filter, your pool cartridge filter should also be replaced periodically.

2. Take Care of Pool Leaks

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A small leak can cause a big problem over time and can cost plenty of money if not taken care of promptly. However, detecting leaks is not easy. Swimming pools always lose water through evaporation, splashing, and people getting in and out of it. So how do you know if your pool is leaking?

There are different ways to check for leaks in a swimming pool. One of the most popular methods is the Bucket Test which will help determine if your water loss is due to evaporation or if a leak is present. Another method is called the Dye Test. This can detect water loss around a pool’s drain, skimmer, and fittings pass inspection.

In order to detect and fix pool leaks, be sure to consult a swimming pool expert to stop losing water and start saving money!

3. Upgrade to Variable Speed Pump

Variable Speed Pump

The pool pump is like the pool’s heart. Its job is to circulate water through the filtration system. Upgrading to variable speed pump have a higher upfront cost, but it can give you bigger savings over time. Not to mention that it also allows you to control the speed (RPM) of the pump making it more efficient compared to single-speed or two-speed pumps. If you are interested to learn more, read our blog about the benefits of the variable speed pool pump.

4. Maintain Proper Water Chemistry

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Proper water chemistry is the key to pool safety. Pool owners may sometimes ignore or overlook them, but maintaining a proper water chemistry is easier and more helpful than you thought. This will also save you time and money in the long run.

Balance chemical levels will not only keep your water safe, but also prolongs the life of your pool’s surface and equipment.  Keeping the water balanced involves three ingredients at recommended levels:

  • Total Alkalanity: 80 – 120ppm
  • pH Level: 7.2 – 7.8
  • Calcium Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm

Unbalanced pH can cause scaling and damage equipment over time. And new pump can cost you up to $2,000, a new filter up to $1,200 and a new heat pump up to $4,800. Imagine how much you can save by just maintaining proper water chemistry for your pool.

5. Install a Salt Chlorine Generator

The number of pool owners who are switching to salt as their primary method for keeping their pool water sanitized is increasing. Though it may have a high upfront cost, salt chlorine generator can save you time and chemicals in the long run.

This type of generator eliminates the need for traditional chlorine and makes pool maintenance easier. Constantly adjusting your chlorine levels are no longer your concern and switching to salt can save you $600 a year on chlorine, shock, and algaecides. And these are just some of the benefits of salt chlorine generators.


Owning a pool isn’t cheap but it also comes with a rewarding experience. Following these five simple tips can save you a lot of money. If you need quality pool supplies and a service provider, Village Spa Pools is always ready to help. You can reach us at (305) 386-4831 or in our email villagespapools@gmail.com to connect with our team of pool maintenance professionals. Be sure to follow us on our social media as well: Facebook & Instagram.



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